Hayi Wena Bear!

As a designer of the cover art and vinyl design of "hayi wena bear", I was honored to be a part of this impressive debut album from Teal Street Records. The album is a collection of recordings that were made during early morning meet ups, mid-morning drinks, and through various voice notes, and it is a testament to the creators' deep understanding of music and care for the final product. The producers, Fernando Damon and Mzonke Maloney, have a wealth of experience in the music industry and their expertise shines through in the well-produced and thought-provoking songs on the album. The lyrics are both personal and relatable, and they make a strong impression on listeners. As for the cover art, I sought to make a striking and memorable first impression on listeners. The vinyl design was also a thoughtful addition, imbuing the album with a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. Overall, "hayi wena bear" is a triumph for Teal Street Records and a shining example of the power of art to move and inspire. The dedication and passion of those involved in its creation are evident in every aspect of the album and I am proud to have played a role in bringing this masterpiece to life.