Lost Libraries, Burnt Archives

I had the opportunity to design "Lost Libraries, Burnt Archives," a captivating volume of short stories, artworks, poems and essays. This collection is the result of a collaborative project with the University of Cape Town, inspired by the 'Of Smoke and Ash: Jagger Library Memorial Exhibition' curated by Jade Nair and Dr. Duane Jethro at UCT.

The exhibition honored the tragic fire at the Jagger Library in April 2021 and paid tribute to the valiant efforts of volunteers and UCT Libraries in salvaging what they could. Within the pages of this book, you'll find the heartfelt contributions of 22 brilliant artists, academics, and multidisciplinary thinkers.

I had the privilege of working alongside editors, Sindi-Leigh and Julie Rens, both PhD Candidates at the Centre for African Studies, University of Basel. Their dedication and expertise brought this project to life, shaping the insightful narratives and profound reflections on libraries, archives, commemorative practices, collective loss, artistic practice, and curatorship as a creative site of knowledge.

The book also features a breathtaking cover artwork by the immensely talented Lady Skollie. Her masterful creation beautifully captures the very essence of the stories contained within the pages of "Lost Libraries, Burnt Archives."