Milked in Africa - Tony Gum

I had the privilege of collaborating with Tony Gum on her groundbreaking exhibition, "Milked in Africa." This thought-provoking showcase, recently launched in New York City, delves into the complexities of the South African dairy industry and sheds light on the exploitation of marginalized communities within it. Through a variety of mediums, Gum challenges societal norms and highlights the labor struggles and erasure that often go unnoticed.

As a creative consultant and production designer, I worked closely with Gum to bring her artistic vision to life. We carefully crafted the exhibition to create a powerful and immersive experience for viewers, provoking deep reflection and dialogue. "Milked in Africa" is a testament to Gum's conceptual rigor and her commitment to addressing important social issues through her art. It serves as a platform to amplify marginalized voices and spark conversations around the systemic inequalities embedded within the dairy industry and beyond.